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The Pathless Path

Sometimes I just get strung out on the beauty of certain words in a certain order. I mean how beautiful and paradoxical is the pathless path?

It not only sounds poetic, it feels true. What if there is no one right way? What if all roads do indeed lead to Rome?

I can't help but think that there is some kind of plan, but that may just be because of my cultural indoctrination. I was born believing in a divine plan and it made sense simply because that is what I was told from the day I was born. Quite naturally, whatever a child is told will make sense, until the child grows and starts to question what they've been told. I guess some children never question till they are adults and others accept whatever they are told. I never had any questions or doubts till I--like Truman from the Truman Show--started seeing that everything I had been taught and told was possibly not true or real.

That realization is exhilirating and scary. If what you have always believed is not necessarily so, what do you do? Exciting to think that you get to create a new sytstem of beliefs, scary to think that beliefs are man made. If everyone constructs their own beliefs, then is there no overarching plan? Or is that the plan? And by that I mean, is the plan that we all get born on Earth in some sort of culture with some sort of belief and the plan is for us to transcend the man-made beliefs and awaken to the divine within? I really feel that the world would be a far better place if people viewed their religions as simply organizations that exist to serve their fellowmen and not as some ultimate truth. There would be less war, division, and judgement and more love, unity, and harmony.

I find it refreshing and encouraging that more and more people claim to be spritual and less and less people claim to be religious. That tells me that we are making progress. Humanity is evolving toward universal enlightenment and world peace is very much a possibility.


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I don’t know if you’re like me or not, but I was born into the one and only “true” religion of God. I spent my entire life studying and living the principles and teachings of my faith. I knew the doctrine, and I believed it to be true. Until I didn’t.

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