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Meeting of the Minds

I'm thankful today for my mindfulness meditation mentoring group. It's my cohort that meets bi-monthly to discuss our Power of Awareness course. Several in my group were also accepted into the 2-year Mindfulness and Meditation Teacher Certification Program so I'm looking forward to getting to know many of them better over the next few years.

Anyhow, today we had some extra time to discuss whatever we wanted so I decided to take advantage of the cumulative wisdom and asked if anyone else had found their mindfulness and meditation practice to be a doorway leading them out of their current faith culture. I wanted to know how others in our group were able to negotiate the awareness that there is no one right way and every religion is fundamentally the same? I was especially eager to get everyone's take considering we have a Quaker, a Jew, a Buddhist, a 12-Step Devotee, a Shaman, and who knows what else, in our group. I am keen to know how they are able to remain devout--if…
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Baseball and Errands

I'm digging my gratitude posts as it's pretty easy to verbalize what I'm grateful for each day. Tonight, it was all about baseball and errands. Now that I'm not so stressed running multiples businesses, I can actually head to my kids' ball games and not worry about all the work waiting for me at home. I so enjoyed walking with the kids along the park stream and then making small talk as we watched Luke's ballgame. It didn't stress me out too much either that after the game we needed to run to Dick's and get baseball pants, softball pants, and batting gloves. I even picked myself up a new pickleball paddle so I can look less ghetto in our upcoming tournaments.

And when we still needed to stop at Walmart to grab some groceries and face wash, I wasn't worried about time either. Since it was already 8:30 pm, and we still hadn't eaten dinner, we grabbed some frozen burritos (kid's choice) and frozen peas to cook upon our return. We had a blast di…

Monday Night

Monday night is family night, but honestly, every night has always been a family night for us! My kids and I have always enjoyed mealtime and evening games. We play catch, shoot hoops, or go on family bike rides. We always end our night with a family discussion and a word of prayer. But one thing I love that is different now is that I am 100% there. My mind isn't thinking about work. I'm able to leave my office, set the work aside, and be fully home. 
I haven't had that kind of division between work and home life for years. I really miss working from home, but this is one of the trade-offs of going to the office that I'm super grateful for. 
Tonight, we enjoyed pork loin and roasted potatoes, played poison and lightning, rode our bikes to Dairy Queen for dessert, and then came home for a lesson on gratitude. I'm thankful for the Monday night family night tradition and that my family and I have made every night a family night! 

Grateful Realizations

I subscribe to the Mindfulness Magazine and one thing I'm noticing is that serious meditators all advocate keeping a gratitude journal. I have always expressed my gratitude in my thoughts and prayers, but I've never been consistent about writing them down. I imagine keeping a daily gratitude journal would be an interesting experiment. I'm going to keep a daily record for one week--starting today--Sunday to Sunday.  I'll write my daily post about what I'm grateful for and see what comes of the practice.

Today, I'm grateful for my physical health. I have such vigor for life. I love getting outside, walking, running, playing sports, breathing the fresh air, and taking in the beautiful sights. One of my greatest fears has always been becoming paralyzed for I felt I wouldn't be able to "be active" any longer. And while I wouldn't be able to play basketball, run, do yoga or any of those activities in the way that I'm used to doing them, I would …

The Power of Pausing

Have you ever considered the power of pausing? Think of the benefits of pausing before speaking, pausing before eating, pausing before firing off an email, pausing before rushing off to your next activity, pausing before getting out of bed.

These are just a few examples that came to mind. Some of the benefits I imagine each could have for me would be:

Pausing before speaking: I might realize that what I'm about to say doesn't really need to be said. Sometimes I feel like I simply talking to fill the void. As if silence needs to be filled. Silence is beautiful.

Pausing before eating: I should probably practice pausing before each bite. I know I would enjoy whatever I'm eating more. I tend to multi-task when I eat. Many times my last bite is what causes me to wake up to the fact that I just ate. I should stop robbing myself of the experiences of enjoying each and every bite.

Pausing before firing off an email: This would be helpful if it was a heated exchange. Essentially, paus…


Why am I so blessed? I'm not sure how to explain the disparity I see. I just visited 3 friends in the ward and I can't help but wonder what determines placement, propensities, abilities, advantages, etc. in this world. Why are some born into poverty with terrible home lives and others born with a silver spoon in their hand? Is it random chance? Is it based on pre-mortal performance?
I haven't found any explanation for current conditions to satisfy my intellect. Nor can I create an explanation that I find acceptable. If there is only one earthly experience for each human being, then it doesn't seem fair that some have better birthplaces and benefits. Conversely, if there are multiple lifetimes, then I'm feeling like I must have been pretty epic because I was born with so many advantages. I'm not a white male, but I am a white woman who was blessed with a loving family, fantastic parents, incredible health, access to clean water, food, education, opportunities, a…

I See You

I ran into Smith's today to deposit a check and on my way into the store, I noticed a man holding a sign asking for assistance. I made a mental note to help him on my way out. As I was driving out of the parking lot, it wasn't convenient to stop--he was on the other side of the road and I was in a hurry to get home, so I drove on by and glanced the other way. Why do we do that? I know why. When we look away, we can pretend we don't see their suffering. And if we don't see it, we are off the hook to help or don't have to feel guilty for not helping. 

Well, I didn't get too far before turning my car around. I wanted that man to know "I see you!" "I see your suffering and your suffering is mine!" I pulled up to the curb and rolled down the passenger side window. I was now close enough to see his cardboard sign that read, "Working on getting my situation worked out." He stammered, "I'm working on getting back to work and I'…