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The Equality of Life

Yesterday as I wrote the lines "death does not discriminate," I realized the same could be said about life. My friend told me all about the trials she's facing as we walked yesterday and my heart ached for her and her family. I couldn't help but think of how we all get our fair share of hard times. In fact, it led to me marveling at what I'm now calling the equality of life. 

We all have lessons we need to learn and life so generously supplies our instruction. None of us are spared. We each face hard times, disappointments, sickness, trials, tribulations, and death. We all get our fair share of troubles. The refrain, "Life isn't fair!" isn't a fair statement. Life is perfectly fair. We all are born. We all die. And somewhere between our beginning and our end, we all receive our fair share of heartache and joy!

I don't see life as hard. I choose instead to see the meaning. As my friend recounted her travails and wondered what others would thi…
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The Duties of Death

Today I was able to stop in and visit Tyler Seamons. We had a great chat and I left contemplating The Duties of Death. Essentially, accepting death helps us embrace life. Rebecca and Tyler have started doing everything they've always wanted to do as they've realized their time together is running out. There won't be many more tomorrows, and their "someday"(s) are limited. They are living completely in the now because now is all they have.

Want to know what I find interesting? We are no different than Tyler and Rebecca. Death is coming for each one of us too. In fact, we were born to die, and each day our death gets closer. The reality of mortality is such that we all will die and most of us won't get a warning. Most of us won't get the "heads up" that our time is almost up so that we can hurry up and start living. In this regard, Tyler and Rebecca are blessed. They get time to wrap things up. Close things down. Plan a funeral. Take family pictur…

Pursue Your Passion

Pursue Your Passion! This is something we hear all the time and I'm not gonna lie, it jazzes my soul. But what if you don't know exactly what your passion is? How can you pursue something you are unsure of? Plus, is it really reasonable to quit your day job and try to find your passion so you can pursue it?

The only thing I do know for sure is that I love whatever I'm doing until I don't. And that changes on a dime. Seriously, the only thing consistent in my life is change. I can do something for a while and I totally love it, until I don't. I seem to bore of just one thing quickly. I think it's because what I really enjoy is the challenge of something new. I love the rush of figuring out systems, optimizing processes, troubleshooting, organizing content and people, and the rush of getting and things up and running. I like to compare it to the thrill of falling in love vs. being in love. The energy and excitement that comes with a new relationship are what invi…

Don't Mind the Gap

Today's post about Don't Mind the Gap stems from yesterday's post about Vivid Mind Visitations. Toward the end of my post, I talked about the seemingly natural need for humans to fill voids. Basically, the human mind seems unable to handle a vacuum.

What is the compulsive need to be able to explain and understand everything? Why do we find uncertainty and ambiguity so scary? Why can't we become comfortable with not having answers? Why can't we be okay with saying, "I don't yet know what this or that means, or I don't know quite how to explain that, but I do know that a perfectly reasonable explanation does indeed exist, and I trust that one day I will understand perfectly what that explanation is, but for now, I'm not going to mind the gap--I'm going to be okay holding a void? In fact, this very void is what I'm going to use to hold a place for the understanding that is coming. Time will tell.  Here's my poetic twist:


Vivid Mind Visitations

I've got an emerging theory about supernatural occurrences that I'm experimenting with. I am trying to confidently conclude that all my experiences with spirits have been--and will continue to be-- occurrences solely of the mind.  Rather than recreate my thoughts, I'll add the conversation I had via text with a friend wherein I feel I already adequately made my ideas quite clear:

I had such a fun experience last night. Every now and then I have what I like to call “spirit” encounters. Well, what is fascinating to me is that the more I have studied dreams, lucid dreaming, the subconscious mind, and the supernatural, the more I realize that my "spirit encounters" are actually dream paralysis, lucid dreams, and subconscious visions all happening in my mind. I've never done drugs so I don’t know what a hallucination is like, but I wonder if a hallucination is similar to what I've experienced in these dream/waking states?

Wow, that’s a big revelation. Are you sa…

Parental Guidance

I may have overstepped my bounds, but I couldn't help sharing my two cents with a group of my girlfriends concerning parental guidance.

One of my friends wrote:

As for me.... I'm busy just doing my mom thing and crying a lot over lasts with my senior. 😂He's a little unsure about leaving for his mission immediately. Thinking he now wants to do a semester at school before going. I on the other hand spend a ton of time on my knees and in the Temple in his behalf so if you have extra time in your prayers.... please add him. He'd be an incredible missionary and would get in homes most others can't because people love him..... he just needs to see that in himself! So.... other than that.... just busy with life, but good and blessed! Love you all and grateful you're well and good!
To which I replied:
OH I love your momma heart and your epic friend heart too! I will pray for you and your son, but you might wish I didn’t haha. . . I’m all about allowing . . I don’t ask …

Susan B Anthony

Last night I took some time to teach my kids about the wonderful woman Susan B Anthony. History has portrayed her as less than she really was. Many have made her out to be a shrewd spinster who fought for suffrage when in reality she was a brilliant, beautiful woman who consciously chose to be a maid in order to focus all her energies on fighting for suffrage. She emphatically declared that she would not rest till woman was enfranchised. Equality was her aim and she would settle for nothing less.

"Failure is Impossible!" was her war cry and has become my own. We really can accomplish anything we put our minds to.

I love that Susan B Anthony decided at a young age what her life mission would be about and she allowed nothing to deter or sidetrack her efforts. Her aim was suffrage and nothing would distract her. She asked Elizabeth Cadie Stanton to coach her into a powerful public speaker and she worked tirelessly till she did indeed achieve suffrage for women. Her dedication t…