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Truth Be Told

Hello I am telling you about the truth. All things are truthful. Bananas, flowers, paper towels (they help a lot), and last of all cats and mongooses.

Today we went to Hanauma Bay. It has very strict rules that you have to follow. I can relate this to someone I know, but I can also relate this to the gospel truth. I feel like the gospel truth is not just LDS or Christianity, I feel like it is all religions, all lives, and all things. The truth is whatever YOU believe.

Anywho, at Hanauma Bay we went snorkeling and I couldn’t see because the water was really foggy. So I decided that it meant I needed to change my perspective. I stopped snorkeling and played mean babysitter. I also saw this one really cool fish that I thought was a hallucination but when I touched it  I realized that is was a true fish, but then it flew away. I can relate this to someone seeing something and thinking, “is that really there, or is it something I just see because everyone else is looking at it?”
I thought t…
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Ocean Mysteries

Today we went to the ocean, And that sounds like something that a normal person would do. But you know… I don’t really think that anybody is normal? Everybody is a different person and can be unique. That was just the intro. 0h boy you should keep reading for the next paragraph.

Today we went to the ocean. There were many dolphins. They were very funny and had pointy fins on their backs. And from a different angle you would think they were sharks. But they aren’t. They are things that kill sharks. So you can never judge a dolphin by their fin.

Third word of wisdom: the dolphins were very beautiful. They had cool designs on their back and were all in the group together. The liked to stay in a group because then they can half sleep. Sleep is fun and good, and if you ever have good enough friends to stay awake while you sleep… THEN TAKE THEM.

All the dolphins were jumping for joy. They were out of the water and twirling. This makes me think… Dolphins are so happy, and if they don’t want to…

None of My Business

I've been meaning to post about this for some time but keep forgetting. It comes from something I read by Wayne Dyer wherein he discussed the merits of freeing yourself from the good and bad opinion of others. He said:
What you think of me is none of my business I love that so much. Might I add:
What I think of you is none of your business I am so grateful for a wise man who once told me long ago to stop caring what people think. I wasn't able to do it then, but today I can say that I no longer live my life to please anyone else but myself. I have learned to "follow my heart" and "to thine own self be true." I've never felt more peace, happiness, and joy.

Those who persist in living their lives at the mercy of the masses will find certain insanity for "no man can serve two masters." So stop the crazy! March to the beat of your own drum. Play the song of your own soul, and bask in the liberating sound of your own symphonies! It will make all th…


Oh boy, Stephen Palmer just wrote the most brilliant post! I just love what he's up to and I feel so blessed to call him friend. His post this week was all about the purpose of life. How we sometimes miss the meaning because we are all caught up in taking it all too seriously. I'm not going to paraphrase it, I'm going to tell you to do yourself a favor and go read it. And then be sure to watch the Alan Watts speech he links to at the end. Or you can click on over to YouTube here and watch it. The video isn't epic by any means, but Alan Watts is pretty fun to study as he has some very impressive points. I don't agree with everything he ever had to say, but I do admire much of his philosophy.

All I can say is that I've never been so on purpose, and I feel my purpose growing stronger every day. Everything feels possible, nothing impossible. I've never felt so much power, love, happiness, confidence, and clarity of thought.

The universe is an incredible place f…

So Tired

I couldn't write last night because I was so tired! We woke up at 5:30 am so we could drive to the Lighthouse trail and get to the top in time to watch the sunrise. It was awesome! I created a time-lapse of the event. The kids were so much fun to hike with. We are going to try to do a hike a day while here as there are some pretty awesome trails.

After our hike, we hit the KOA Pancake House for breakfast. It was delicious. Then we came home and showered and headed to the Polynesian Cultural Center. We spent the entire day there and didn't get home till 10:30 pm. I was barely able to stay awake during the drive. It felt so amazing to climb into bed and lay down my head. I was out and slept like a baby till 5:30 am. I have no idea why I am so tired. Perhaps it's a wee bit of jet lag. It's 10:38 pm right now and I'm feeling equally wasted. I really was hoping to do some reading tonight, but I can barely keep my eyes open.

I'll hopefully find some time to crack my …

Let Go and Let God

Today was a fun day in Hawaii and while I’d love to chronicle all our adventures, one is more important to note than all others. It occurred at Waikiki Beach. Page lost her goggles when a large wave pummeled her. She and her sisters search around the surf to no avail. They were gone. She came up on the beach, where I was enjoying a good book, and vented her frustrations. I told her I was sorry that happened and assured her that it wasn’t a big deal and we could rent some other ones or buy her some new ones. She, however, could not be consoled as she was positive her day, and in fact her entire trip, were now ruined.

I exercised my Buddha wisdom and reminded her of pain and suffering. I told her there wasn’t anything she could now do to bring her goggles back as the Sea Gods had claimed them and only they could give them back if they wanted and it would be in their own due time if they felt so inclined. Rather than be upset that her siblings were no longer interested in searching for th…

Go with the Flow

As you know I made some offers this week. The cute home in Huntsville countered at $687k. They threw in some of the furnishings along with an ATV and snowblower. I don’t think they are out of line, I just simply only want to put $120k down--which so happens to be 20% of $600k. So I am going to hold firm on my offer. In the meantime, I offered $600k for the Eden cabin. They countered at $749k. That’s way more than I feel inclined to pay for that property. The agent had to pitch it to 3 family members as it sounds like the children of the mother are the ones deciding.

I told the agent it’s cool. I understand where they are coming from as the property has only been on the market for 30 days and either their patience or mine will be rewarded. I am learning the wisdom in not forcing and allowing the divine unfolding. I’m not sure which property will best serve my purposes so I’m okay to just go with the flow. Heck, I’m not even sure I want to own property that I’ll have to find tenants for…