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Idea Machine

I know I mentioned getting specific on my book lists, but tonight I really just want to write about some other ideas I have right now:

Sourcing oversized products
Blogging and mini-sites
Affiliate marketing
Amazon Associates program
Investing in stocks
Ranking supplements

I've got some more meetings with some key peeps coming up and work is going great. I've researched James Altucher a bit more and think he might be a con-artist. I bet he even hired someone to write his book. It was so good so he's either a fraud or others are trying to smear him. I'll do a little more due diligence before purchasing any of his courses.

I got invited to attend a silent retreat in Maryland Oct. 5-12th with Tara Brach. It will cost around $3k. I think I want to go. I'll consider it for another week and see what I decide.

So many exciting things. My Amazon department has doubled in size and profits. Life is good.

I'm Back

I'm back. For now. Not sure this is the best platform for my thoughts. It totally works if I don't really care about anyone reading my words, ever. But if I want what I write to be read, then I should consider publishing where there is traffic. I'm thinking Quora, Medium, Reddit, Amazon ebooks, etc.  I don't know that anything I'm saying is "profound," but I do feel that many could benefit from what I'm learning. It's blessed me and one improved is better than none.
I recently discovered James Altucher. His"Choose Yourself Guide to Wealth" is excellent and he's the one that has reminded me of the importance of writing daily. Daily writing takes discipline and strengthens your mental muscles so that when you need ideas you have a rich reservoir from which to draw. 
I spent the past 17 months just writing down my thoughts. I feel that I could turn my thoughts to profit if I approached it strategically. Rather than think out loud, I cou…