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Happy Patients

I couldn't decided whether to title my post happy patience or happy patients? I've been thinking about both this week as my daughter recovers from her recent ski injury.

Our family went skiing at Snowbasin on Sunday. It was my very first time skiing and I was so excited to have my children teach me. Sharee lent me her ski gear and they took me down Needles for my very first run. Needles is a Blue Diamond and it wasn't terribly frightening, but I will admit I felt out of control. Fortunately, I spent an hour the day before watching youtube tutorials on how to carve, stop, and ski like a pro. I also had the opportunity to ride down the bunny hill upon arrival as we parked on the road and hiked over to the lodge. I fell on my butt going down a hill from the parking lot and struggled to get back up. Thank goodness youtube showed me how to do that as well. I found that it's much more difficult to stand up on skis on flat ground than it is when you crash on a hill.

My child…

Prison Reform

A dream of mine is finally becoming reality. I have long desired to help rehabilitate people in prison. I don't agree with prison as punishment. I believe prison should be a place of healing, introspection, growth, education, and change. I want to shut the revolving prison door.

There are many ways I've dreamed of doing this. First, and foremost, I want to focus on prevention. A wise man once said, "An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure." And since "hurting people hurt people" we must intercept those who are "at-risk" so they don't continue down the path to incarceration. How can we possibly intervene?

There isn't "one" way to do this. My ideas center around activity. I want to create after-school and summer programs where kids can interact and belong in a safe, stable, loving place. It would look like an open gym. I see myself helping children discover their unique talents, interests, and gifts. I wrap them in love an…