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Prosper Show Presentation

I'm getting so excited for my upcoming Prosper Show presentation. It's this next week in Las Vegas where I'm scheduled to teach back to back workshops. One is helping retailers create an Amazon Video Strategy and the other one is teaching them how to leverage YouTube to grow their private label brands.

So far, I have over 115 people attending the workshops and they are each paying $349 to be there. I am being paid half of the tuition which means I will earn in one day (5.5 hours of teaching) more money than I earned in my entire first year of teaching. Seriously, my contract as a teacher for the 1999 school year at Weber High was for $20,100. I left teaching as a profession after a few years because I didn't want to be financially tight. I wanted to be able to earn more money so I could better provide for my family. Little did I know then that later, teaching and consulting would provide me considerable income.

The other day I was hiking a mountain and I had just read a passage from a man about how he always threw out crazy intentions to the universe. He believed that verbalizing a goal was the first step to attaining it, and that actually stating your goal out loud was the genesis for one day achieving it. He encouraged the reader to verbalize something crazy and then let the Universe work out the details.

Honestly, I couldn't think of anything too crazy that I really wanted to achieve. So I kept thinking as I hiked until I thought about how cool it would be to one day have someone pay me $100,000 to speak. I LOVE speaking, teaching and presenting and am always happy to do it for free. I consider it a huge bonus when I actually get paid. Teaching is my passion. So to me, verbalizing the desire to one day garner a $100k speaking fee seemed outlandish and "Far Out." Hence, I decided to throw that crazy thought to the Universe and see what came about.

Truthfully, I don't want someone to pay me $100k to speak because I need or want the money. The only reason I want someone to pay me $100k to speak is because I hope to one day have something to say that others feel is that valuable. To me, the money is just the measure of the import of my message. I have already told the Universe the speaker fee will go to charity. Nothing would please me more--Get paid to say something meaningful so I can use those funds to do something meaningful.

What's crazy is that 9 months ago, when I first verbalized this outlandish thought, I had just been paid a nice consulting sum for a 4 hour gig in Washington. What's crazy to now consider is the fact that the amount I'm going to make this upcoming weekend in Vegas is 5xs what I made that day in Washington. 9 months ago, I never would have thought I'd have someone pay me $20k for something I had to say. I thought $4k was pretty stellar. So you can imagine how exciting the Divine Arithmetic is to me when I consider that $100k is exactly 5xs what I'm making this next week. 

I have no doubt the Universe will one day pay me my $100k speaking fee--especially as I continue to live my life in accordance with the law of abundance and make serving others my highest priority. You know what actually excites me more than collecting the $100k speaking fee? Witnessing how the Universe provides me with just the perfect charity or opportunity to gift it to.

p.s. Don't you find the name of the show I'm presenting at entirely fitting considering my intentions?


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