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Science vs. Religion

I think one of the most important discoveries for me this year has been the discovery of Richard Dawkins and Sam Harris. They are both insanely intelligent atheists committed to educating the masses about the dangers of organized religion. According to Harris and Dawkins, societies should rely on science, not dogma, for their governing principles.

Additionally, it has been so refreshing for me to hear intelligent people give voice to some of the very same perplexing questions I have had over the years concerning the Bible, God, and organized religions.

What's ironic though is that there was a time--not all that long ago--where, because of what I was taught, I thought I would be hell-bound for listening to these heathens. Entertaining, let alone agreeing, with individuals offering arguments of their nature is programmed into believers as blaspheme. But now that I have expanded my beliefs, I find it fascinating to study and learn from the argument of others. I want to discover every angle so that I can use my own heart and mind to determine what rings true for me.

Now, I haven't fully studied everything Harris or Dawkins have to say so I can't say I agree 100% with their arguments. But from watching Richard Dawkins The God Delusion and the collection of arguments below by Sam Harris, I have to give a hearty AMEN to almost all of it.

This particular YouTube video is aptly titled and truly a must watch:

Sam Harris - A Collection Of Arguments Every Believer and Atheist Should Know About 

If we want to truly elevate the consciousness of our society, we must not shy away from the intelligent arguments of these men. They are not "Korihors," "Lucifers,"or "Satans;" hell bent on destroying traditional beliefs. They simply want to see extremism, fanaticism, and dogmatism replaced with rational, sane thinking. How can one disagree with that?


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