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I'm reading a powerful book by Dr. Dyer called The Power of Intention. I love this concept that there exists a universal power source into which we can tap. This power is always available and is the original creative source. By tuning in, or going to our source, we can manifest into our lives anything upon which we set our intentions. The power to manifest really is as simple as setting our intention. And setting our intention is as simple as envisioning that which we want to happen as already being a current reality.

I remember the first time I tried this concept. I was struggling to hop into a handstand. After attempting, and failing several times I distinctly said to myself, "I'm never going to be able to do this!" And then I remembered the power of our thoughts--they create our reality. So I quickly corrected myself and said, "I will be able to do this and I intend to do it now." I visualized myself hopping to a handstand. I assumed the feeling of what it would feel like if I did indeed successfully hop into a handstand and then I let that image sink in for a full 24 hours.

Sure enough, the next day I attempted a hop to handstand and successfully landed it. "Hot Dog!" I squealed with excitement as to my surprise I must admit that I didn't expect to land it. I was new to the power inherent with intent.

Since this remarkable day, I have made it a practice of creating intentions. Daily intentions, actually, are quite easy for me. What I find a bit more difficult are BIG intentions. I do have some lofty dreams and goals, but I am not 100% positive on when I want them to manifest. I feel like many of my life goals would be hard to do right now while raising children. I can't exactly pack up and move to Africa to help educate and liberate women. I can't travel the world raising the collective spiritual consciousness of humankind. So facing these constraints, I'm not sure how to visualize and assume the feeling of already achieving it. Plus, I'm very much enjoying my current endeavors. Now that I know how powerful intent is, I'm going to be very thoughtful about what I wish to manifest. I've made a mental note to set aside some time to really think about some larger intentions.


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