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Charity Water

I've been looking for a good charity to donate some money to when this video started to play in my Facebook news feed:

It was an answer to prayers. The cool thing is the amount I was looking to donate is the same amount that it takes to sponsor an entire well for a community. How cool to be able to provide clean drinking water to a village!

I had originally planned to start my own 501c3 so that I could dispense of my surplus in accord with my beliefs and values. I have been sitting on the paperwork for over a month now and in the meantime worthy causes have sprung up sufficient to suit my needs. So for now, I think I'll give through these other avenues till I have something specific in mind. I am keen to participate with several humanitarian organizations like Mercy Ships and CamFed.

I was taught the principle of tithing from my youth and giving a portion of your increase is something I believe in. I don't believe you have to give it to a church to be in good standing with God or the Universe. I believe you should find opportunities to use your increase to help as many others as you can. There are so many needs and all are worthy. I do not care to judge how others share their surplus. The act of sharing is it's own reward. Any cause you feel passionate about is worthy.

I love this quote by  Lao-tzu:

The sage does not hoard,
and thereby bestows.
The more he lives for others,
The greater his life.
The more he gives to others,
the greater his abundance.

We can never give ourselves poor. Living with an abundant mindset assures you always have sufficient. If you know of any other cool charities, please do share.


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The title is Coming Home for two reasons:

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