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The Puzzling Truth

I can hardly wait to pen this post for my fingers are afire with the "Puzzling Truth." And I must give credit where credit is due for my friend Stephen Palmer stimulated so many thoughts of mine today with his morning post: The Puzzle of Humanity

You should seriously go and read it before reading on as it will provide some context for why I sent this email to a coworker:

Hi [Co-worker], Here is one of my friends. I forward this post because in it, he beautifully explains how I feel about truth and world religions. I was raised LDS, and am well versed in scripture. I love the beautiful truths contained in the LDS faith, but I don’t believe it is the only true church. I believe they all contain beautiful truths and that at the end of the day what will matter most is how we lived, loved, and served our fellow brothers and sisters. 

It took me awhile to come to this realization for I was raised staunch LDS-- by very devout parents, but as soon as I realized it, I had to tell my Bishop. I was teaching gospel doctrine when I started having my “awakening.” I told the Bishop that felt I could no longer teach what I didn’t 100% believe as I worried that I would say things that aren’t “accepted doctrine”. . . . cuz you know me, I like to share what I think and believe. He insisted I could just keep my personal beliefs to myself, but I told him I didn’t feel right about that as part of teaching and connecting for me is being authentic--which means I can't pretend to believe things or act in ways that I don’t believe to be right or true.

So I guess I’m telling you all this because I don’t want you to feel tricked or offended when you discover I'm not “active” LDS. It’s hard to know because I can “talk the talk” and because I guess I do much of “Walking the walk."

In a nutshell, I love truth! I embrace it wherever I find it. Most of all, I love people, and I see God in everything!
Be Good. Do Good.

I have had such a fascinating journey "Coming out of the [faith] Closet." Maybe I will write a book about it one day. What is most rewarding and fun is to discover how many others feel the same, and who are just too worried or scared to act on it for they fear the unknown. They've been told they can't possibly be happy living any other way. They are paralyzed not knowing what life will look like for them if they do as I and others have done. They worry that they will lose their friends, their culture, their soul.

You know what I think is super cool? I believe that the spiritual consciousness of the world is expanding. Right now, more than ever before, it is easier and more acceptable to "un-affiliate." I feel that our time in history parallels that of the 18th and 19th centuries when the planet was experiencing worldwide revolutions. Colonial nations clamored for liberation from their Mother Nations. Countries where citizens spilt their blood achieving freedom in previous decades prepared these mother nations for more peaceful resolutions. Rather than extensive, bloody warfare, they were more inclined to relent for they knew their Colonial Era had run its course and a new day of freedom had dawned.

And so it goes with spirituality. Organized religions will continue to resist, but ultimately, their day of dogma is done. There claims to be the only "right one" are not resonating. All that seek to do good are good and thankfully their tunes are already changing. Gratefully, we hear more and more the song of "embracing all truth," "acceptance," "non-judgement," "peace," "tolerance," and "love." Some may claim it is merely lip service, but I prefer to give them credit for the enlightened advancement for the truth really is simple and not at all that puzzling!


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